Friday, May 4, 2007

Falkland Funnies

I recently read somewhere that the the Falkland Islands had become a desired vacation destination. This information made me feel unbalanced, as one swaying about on the deck of a ship at rough seas. And then this appeared.

Well, I thought, has everyone forgotten the ridiculousness of that whole Margaret Thatcher absurdity? Who remembers? Margaret sent 8,000 troops against the Argentine to protect this remote, minuscule "British Colony" for the honor of Britain. You can just see Reagan in his pajamas roaming around the White House rooting for Margaret and her Falklands.

Has everyone gone completely loony? An exhibition commemorating the defense of the Falkland Islands? It is hard to put this in the context of today's warring worlds. The Falkland Islands defense by Margaret Thatcher almost seems kitsch, if weren't so absurd. Now there is an exhibition to commemorate this kooky event? Don't go!

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