Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Dowd on Sarko / Sego / Deneuve

I liked this quote from Maureen Dowd's editorial today about Sarkozy's win over Segolene Royal. Dowd is wondering how on earth Sarko will move the French toward capitalism and past the 35 hour work week:

"At a Paris flea market on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the vendors did not eat fast food or takeout at lunchtime. They set up tables with tablecloths, china and crystal and joined other vendors to dine on whole roasted chicken, fresh salad, bread and wine. And some would not interrupt their meal even for shoppers who wanted to buy their wares.

When I was reading newspapers during lunch at a Left Bank hotel, the maitre d' approached. 'You're a journalist,' he pleasantly accused me, implying that only such a robotic American creature could work while eating. He had a point. Nearby, in the lobby, Catherine Deneuve was having fun, smoking and drinking wine with girlfriends surrounded by Chanel bags full of Chanel bags."

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