Thursday, July 26, 2007

Your Mama's Hair

Your Mama?

...and another thing about Art Scape. I was photographed by the woman above who is called "Your Mama" (I think her employers call her Bekkah.) She has a new Baltimore blog, called "Your Mama's Hair" and she shot mine at Art Scape and posted it on her blog.

Your Mama likes: hair, curls, dreads, cornrows, dye jobs, perms, flat irons, scrunchies, barrettes, buzz cuts, mohawks, bangs, braids, pigtails, beehives, updos, bed-head, highlights, lowlights, bad hair days, colors, fros. Her blog is dedicated to the hair of Baltimore. Her collection has just begun. I would suggest you send your favorite hair pictures to Your Mama's blog.

OK. I don't like the picture of myself that Your Mama posted. I am much better looking when the light's right and the angle is correct and the gel hasn't melted in the 94 degree heat and I have had my hair stylist do that scrunchie thing before I actually go out to meet the public, and I am wearing something other than a pink shirt. I prefer something black. I didn't even know I was wearing the god-awful pink shirt. So scroll w-a-a-ay down the page and find the spikey-white haired woman, hugging herself in the hideous pink shirt. Here's Your Mama's Hair. Also Your Mama and I are mutually linked to each other which is kind of sexy. Umm.


your mama said...

how silly of you! you look beautiful in that picture! though, yes, my lighting sucks. I feel awkward enough asking to take photos of strangers without asking them to turn around, tilt their head, etc.

thanks for the link! :)

yes, my real name is Bekkah!

jamm said...


you are not to blame for the lighting, that's Art Scape's fault. It just sucks up all the light. Your pictures are terrific! There is a nice exuberance in them. That's hard to get. You did/do it. Have fun!!