Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Art and celebrity

Henninger's Tavern - Marking the passing of Tammy Faye in its own way

The last few days were pretty wonderful. First a soiree at Jack's where literary purpose of the event was to hear readings of Jamaica Kincaid's short stories. The non-literary purpose was to taste three great wines. A cozy evening on a warm Baltimore night. We all seemed hungry for written words, brilliantly arranged.

Of course there was Art Scape, a dreadful event that is "good" for the people of the city. There are sparkling moments that you must know beforehand are happening and get there for them. There is wonderful artwork so wedged into the crowds of people that you can barely get near it. There are tons of questionable crafts, most of which you can barely get close to because you would have to fight your way through the masses of people moving slowly, slowly in the summer heat. Some very nice black and white photography. I aways find great stuff in the Fox and Brown buildings at MICA. Here are some small works I really liked.

Then there was a modest but heartfelt celebration of Tammy Faye Messner's camp, gay icon, extreme makeup, wacky life at the beloved Henninger's Tavern. I still cannot get my head around her appearance on Larry King and then her death almost immediately afterwards. Celebrity in America is a driven, freaky thing. May Tammy rest peacefully.

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