Sunday, March 4, 2007

12th Annual Lou & Nancy Linden Texas Independence Day Party

Lou & Nancy Linden are the stuff that community partying is made of. The Annual Texas Independence Day Party on William St in Federal Hill is some party. This year's party was in honor of Ann Richards and Molly Ivins. My heart weeps. It is hard to manage the loss of both Ann and Molly from the landscape of Texas, or from the landscape of America, for that matter.

This year's party,to which I am a neophyte, having been out of town for the earlier ones, was a blast. Viva la Revolucion!! A great party.

Lou is a mariner, a preservationist of traditional sailing ships. Nancy is one of Baltimore's most talented painters. So their party is imbued with fellows in pea coats as well as people in heavy metal and cowboy boots. Somehow the dichotomy works beautifully.

The Linden house was filled with over 100 people. The famous fritattas, straight from the burning heat of the Weber, are to die for. There is beer and tequila and wine in abundance. The crowd sways in unison. The hot grill. The famous fritattas. The libations. Each provides a conjuring of community and rebellion that is irresistible. A great evening. Lou and Nancy are the King and Queen of Texas, right here in Baltimore! Thanks for the rebellion!


sheigh said...

Did you bring your top secret Dixie Chicks nacho chips?

jamm said...

Crabtree you are one funny woman!