Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mama knows hair and music.

Dave of Ted Leo and the Phamacists
photo by Your Mama's Hair aka Becka

Your Mama's Hair (you must see the Sunkist guy in Brooklyn) gave me the lead on Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, what a great sound. Some of you Mozart/Leonard Cohen/Bill Evans fans may need to get through the edge of the guitar razzle, funk at the intro, to get to the rock of it all, but its worth the happy wait. Thanks, Mama.


your mama said...

I'm glad you are enjoying them! Make sure to check out some of the older stuff. The Hearts of Oak album is very political (Ted's response to 9/11 and the US's invasions), Shake the Sheets has surprisingly catchy songs about America's health care problems, anorexia, and prositution; though the Tyranny of Distance album is my favorite!

jamm said...

your mama,
I have been sampling these albums you recommended and I like them a lot. Do you know "Chisel" his DC-based band?

your mama said...

no, I haven't had much luck finding it online and I'm so youthfully try-before-you-buy that I can't stand paying for something that I have no idea what it sounds like. (I DO pay for music, I don't think everything should be free, but I don't even really know what Chisel sounds like, ya know?)

sheigh said...

my momma,

you need to catch up with your mamma. she's been lurking around the Inner Harbor stalking manicky-panicky girls in neckties.