Monday, August 6, 2007

Site of the Day...

...or Happy Birthday Andy Warhol! Warhol would be a ripe, fluffy-haired, 79 years old today. Yipes!

Warhol was a collector of much stuff. He placed the stuff in over 600 small boxes, like the one above, sealed them up and stored them away. After his death, the boxes were given to Pittsburgh's Andy Warhol Museum for cataloging. Hundreds of professionals and volunteers have spent a long time opening and cataloging all the ephemera. This site, Time Capsule 21, (TC21) gives the visitor an opportunity to explore one of those boxes. It's a very, very cool site. Very dynamic. You'll learn some interesting details about Warhol and the context of his art.

My visit to TC21 enlivened my appreciation for the weightiness of the everyday. I have read that Warhol considered these boxes proper art commodities. He talked of placing a drawing on each box and then selling them, each at the same price, to patrons without them knowing the contents. Perfect Warhol.

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