Monday, October 1, 2007


A closer inspection of this map here spurs many interesting thoughts. Primary among them, for me, was the realization that Iran's GDP is equivalent to the economy of Alabama! Alabama! Not to disparage Alabama, and for god's sake the Clemson Tigers, but, Alabama?

Isn't Iran the country that is going to become an unstoppable military power that is about to devour the Middle East? Isn't this the terrifyingly, powerful force that the administration feels it must carpet and fire bomb, now, before it becomes the new Germany/Hitler state of no mercy? How will Iran define the new world order with the budget of Alabama?!

Just imagine those 'Bama boys producing a massive armament program destined to change the world order on the back of their State economy. Evidently, Governor Bob Riley, who just announced that October is "Alabama Food Products Month," is unaware that October should be "Militarize Alabama Month." If he tried to militarize his state, according to the Bush/Cheney Better Business Evaluation Institute, Riley has the funds and brain power to do it. I guess he just lacks the Ahmadinejad chutzpah. If Riley dared to get that hairy-cheeked, Bush/Cheney Co would bomb Alabama back into the stone ages, which is where everyone thought Alabama damn well was.

Remember what we found in the Soviet Union once the walls came tumbling down? Nothing. That big fearsome RED giant, the communist terror that threatened our very existence, day after day, was impotent...a big bag of wind. The Soviet Union turned out to be a mediocre, blustering idiot.

How can we ever get to a reality-based world perspective? There are so many political purposes obscuring reason. Alabama? Oh, for gods sake.

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