Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Patti Smith Alert!

I received a Patti Smith alert about her US summer concert tour. The closest show to me is Philly, standing room only at Tracadero, but I can't seem to get an invitation. I was checking out the Santa Monica Twilight Series where she is appearing on August 16 (you, in LA, and you know who you are, you should get your tush to this show), I saw this funny show note offered by the Santa Monica Pier promoters:

"NEW bike valet! So successful, so appreciated at the City's Farmer's Markets and other local events, we are pleased to offer free valet bike parking to our patrons at the western entrance to the shows."

I don't believe bike valet service has hit critical mass here on the east coast, yet. Bike valet service! I just see this big concert with thousands of people in garish spandex. All those big rubber butts swaying. Water bottles sloshing. Reflective vests shining. Helmet safety lights blinking maddly...Patti Smith grining.

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