Monday, February 26, 2007

The 79th Oscars

I don't know why I let myself get sucked into the Oscars. Ok, Ellen Degeneres was hosting. That really is reason enough. OMG it is boring. Only Ellen was novel and entertaining. Really, what can you do with these synthetic humans who are now referred to as "brands"? Faggeddabowdum.

The good part was dinner and libations before the event, with friends and, er, three Labrador Retrievers. We are family! Ravioli, salad, antipasto, foccacia and lots of red wine. You would think that the tub of red wine would have helped improve the event. No luck. It sucks. Oh, and the whole thing with Al Gore, holding an Oscar, too goofy. And the buzz about Gore's big announcement---as if!


sheigh said...

I watched a couple of races very closely, as you might imagine. I found a couple of the wins very surprising. The online attack campaigns against Eddie Murphy worked.

jamm said...

sheigh, you know your stuff, ear to the oscar. Thanks for comment.